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Chad N Judi

Serving The Gambia

The evidence of a commitment made from the heart is the action that follows.
Chad N Judi

We are Chad and Judith from North Texas. Our call to serve started in 2010 by going to Botswana, Africa where we taught student leaders, led building projects and worked with children. In 2017, we served in Moscow, Russia working with people groups from Central Asia. We also served in Tallinn, Estonia working with teams on various outreach events. We have the heart to train and equip leaders for service. 


In January 2019, we were directed to return to Africa, so we made a transition to Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa. It is situated on the southern bulge of West Africa between Liberia and Ghana. During our time in Côte d'Ivoire, we continued to train leaders, work with teams, and conduct outreach events.


In August of 2022, we were offered a position in The Gambia, West Africa. Our main goal is to lead and coordinate training for servant leaders and to conduct outreach events throughout The Gambia. We felt that this is a position that we are equipped for, thus we made a move to The Gambia.


We are excited about the future as we serve in The Gambia!

What We do

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